Creating buildroot on OpenWrt itself

i have openwrt loaded rpi3 and want to build app packages from makefile,
as far as i understand i need buildroot system to be installed on win or linux or bsd, is there a way to compile and generate packages on openwrt host itself as there are many pre-requisite packages available on it and rpi3 have enough ram and power,
or maybe create package without buildroot
any help will be appreciated

OpenWrt is not self-hosting in that sense, you need a full general purpose distribution as build host.


To be able to compile a program on any computer, the computer must have a compiler, development libraries, and some needed build tools which OpenWRT does not seem to have. If you wanna do this on your rpi3, your hardware needs to run a full and/or general purpose OS, i.e. ARMbian, Kali Linux, etc. For instance, on my rpi0 (piggyback on a Seagate Dockstar docking port) running Kali Linux, I have installed needed compilers along with their respective development libraries, needed build tools, and use it to develop and/or compile programs. Also, since I have installed full version of texlive packages, I can use it as a text processor to compile my LaTEX source files. This works just find, except at a lower pace.


thx slh and mazilo
i will go ahead with usb bootable kali linux or any full fledge os

You can also use rpi OS.

The reason I selected Kali OS was it comes with GCC-8.x (has a support for C++17 option that I need) at the time.

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