Creating an .IPK file for a theme

Hi all,

As I mentioned before on a different topic, I have a version from the Material theme which will be more suitable for what I've been doing on a Raspberry Pi.

I would like to create an .IPK file from it. I followed the instructions from but that didn't help me to create this file.
Can anyone help me out on how to create an .IPK file so I can install it on LuCI?

There are several themes packaged in the luci.git repository, use them as reference.


Thank you for your help @slh. From what I have seen in that repository, my theme has the same structure and I believe it's ready to turn into an .IPK package.
My question is how do I generate an .IPK file from the theme folder I currently have.

You compile it, like any other package - either using the full buildroot or the SDK.

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Hi @slh, can you suggest where I should look to do this? I've been following this guide here but I'm not sure if this is the way to go.