Creating a multi-user access to web gui

Hi, I'm new to OpenWRT, I would like to ask if there's a way to create and access WebGUI using another user/account rather than root, and then restrict some of the functions of the OpenWRT. Thanks in advanced!

There are a few way to go depending on your needs....

-Once off vs bulk
-A few pages vs many
-Page operation changes or complex subsystem interaction
-Your coding skill, and/or familiarity with certain languages
-Performance/resource constraints
-Auditing requirements

One option worth a peak might be A modern web interface for OpenWrt implemented in vue.js and element-ui

When you say create..... are you talking about actually creating a gui or are you thinking "click a few options in LUCI to restrict pages to users"?

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Sorry, I think I posted a wrong question. What I meant is how to add a user management on web gui, so different user(with less privilege) can access the gui rather than root.

Describe your goals in detail.

You cannot just "add" it, you have to "build" it yourself, or install a different GUI as @anon50098793 suggested.

There is some old work-in-progress in

The code worked in 2017, but I haven't tested it lately.

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