Create WebDAV server

I installed OpenWRT on a Sagem router (from Orange, intended for a "copper" ADSL connection). Of course, the ADSL port does not work. I connected the Huawei LTE modem to the USB port, which is additionally equipped with an SD memory card slot. Everything works OK, I have an LTE/4-port Ethernet/WiFi router with an additional 32 GB memory, formatted as EXT4.
I would like to save on this SD card the measurement data measured by 7 IoT devices based on 8266. The only available method of sending data from these devices is POST data over HTTP from IoT to the router and specifically the SD card.
My question is. How do you run a WebDAV server on OpenWRT that allows you to save data sent via IoT devices to files?

I would start with looking for the relevant packages:[Description_wiki*~]=webdav

As far I know there is no small vebdav servers. You can try nginx with extwebdav module. But if you need only save then you can create a simple cgi bin script. Also you can use ubus over rpc and call file service.

lighttpd has a webdav support and I created an instruction
I tested on TL-WR1043ND with SSD and it works very fast