Create Surfshark wireguard connection on OpenWrt easily

It's here! Surfshark just released manual Wireguard configuration files!

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It’s been 3 months since SS deployed their manual WG solution, and I just want say -

Thank you for a very fine thread! I had a lot fun!

  • your script worked admirably for countless SS users (still does)
  • it encouraged initiative. Spawning forks, improvements, and own code working alternates to the same problem
  • it encouraged learning

I was looking at my email logs and realized your script seamlessly rolled my authentication and provided WG access through power outs and firmware updates at boot over 187 successive days.

After trying SS’s solution, I see absolutely no need to change from your script - it’s been flawless and remains so. :+1:

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2 things, - surfshark is reliable vpn? I use torguard and I used nord vpn, I'M looking for new one, surfshark is pretty fast on wifi?

I won’t advocate for SurfShark other than to say it has been reliable day over day, as have even the one Free offering, and two other VPN providers that I have used previously. Most available commercial VPN’s are reliable as far as availability goes or they die.

As far as the product speed over wifi, that is up to your environment not the VPN product. If you are on an older PC with a 10/100 wifi adapter, that’s all the speed you will get over wifi.

I joined this thread as a SS user while waiting for them to offer unlimited devices coverage on all devices in my network. This script from @yazdan or it’s spawned alternates simply enabled this ability months before SS released their product.