Create separate interface or DMZ zone

Hi everyone

I have OpenWrt (21.02.2) firmware installed on my Linksys wrt1900acs router.
Also have VPN installed on the same (main) router, (ISP router is in modem mode and this main router acts as main network device).

I am not networking expert, but I understand basics, how to setup bridge or set the second router as extender, but looking at this “ocean” of configurations the OpenWrt firmware offers – seems a bit complicated =).

I am looking for a solution for my PS4, connected with LAN cable to this main router.
As if the VPN is enabled – my PS4 fails to login into PSN network (the problem is login level and not internet connection) and speed is 9-10 Mbps (I have 200Mbps from my ISP).
I sorted out the NAT type, to set back to 2 (as it was NAT 3 via my VPN), but can not sort the login and the speed problems.
I was looking online for solutions, tried several thinks: port forwarding, firewall settings etc…but can’t really made it work.

My question is: how to create separate interface on the same router for just my PS4 (or any other device), like DMZ (I tried it too), to bypass VPN (without disable it) and have direct connection to internet.
I am more comfortable with GUI (web) interface – if it is possible to do this task on web interface.


You should reference this page and understand what it can achieve.


Hi Bill
Thanks for your reply and doc/source you provided here. I'll be tweaking it to sort my problem.
Obviously I was looking for the solution online quite bad, as I did not try to find OpenWrt documentation first =)

Thanks Bill, I solved my problem following the manual page =)
It was easier than I was expecting. Love this project and will be donating for sure.
Thank you.
I have 4 routers with OpenWrt on it already (2 in action) + Ras-Pi4

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