Create Private Wifi with NordVPN from Public Wifi


I am brand new to OpenWRT and just flashed my TP-Link TL-WR902AC. I see there is a wealth of information on the forum but my use case is specific and I have yet to find a forum thread to help me.

I am planning to use my TP-Link TL-WR902AC with OpenWRT as a travel router. My use case is to connect to a wifi network and create a private wifi network with NordVPN. I can also use on my home network to allow me to watch streaming TV from other countries.

Can anyway provide instructions or reference other forum threads to help me accomplish my task? Thanks in advance.

start by checking if wireguard (or openvpn) will fit your 902AC, it doesn't have a lot of flash space, unless you get an USB flash drive, and add extroot.

According to this article, an individual installed wireguard and openvpn without any issues.

they're using a 3 y.o, EOL:ed, OpenwRT release.

I've installed the version recommended from OpenWRT.

.... and that one's bigger, leaving you with less free flash space for additional packages, like WG and openVPN.

@frollic So I will not be able to do setup OpenWRT for my use case?

you will, but you have to understand what you've been told.

note the big warning on top of the 902AC wiki page

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