Create new users with access to luci

Could someone please tell me how I can add a user (with non root privileges) to the luci webinterface?
With the standard Linux procedures (/etc/passwd, shadow, group) etc I can add an ssh user, but that user cannot access the luci interface.

The procedure by adding an entry in /etc/config/users does not work for me.
What am I doing wrong?

Could you be more precise about what you're looking to do?

Pretty much everything in luci requires administrative privileges to accomplish because it's changing interface settings and other things that need root access.

Even if you could add an unprivileged user, they wouldn't be able to accomplish anything...

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I would like these users to be able to change the wifi ssid and key, not to change ip addresses etc.
But apart from the privileges, how can I add a luci user at all?