Create multiple name of same section

Hi, I have config file like

config test 'section1'
option name1 'value1'
option name2 'value2'

config test 'section2'
option name1 'value1'
option name2 'value2'

Is there any way to merge this section to avoid multiple entries as the both the section got the same fields
Thanks in Advance

Did you create this config, or are you referencing a specific config file?

(Maybe the actual config will help with clarity.)

We are creating this config file manually for system uses. Creating multiple entries make file much bigger.

I'm not understanding, sorry. What config file are you referring to?

  • /etc/config/network ?
  • /etc/config/firewall ?
  • etc.?

Because, as I understand now, if both have the same only need one...unless each "section" is a different value.

I think we need to see the REAL config if you need more assistance.

Hope this helps.

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