Create Firmware to connect mesh module to connect WIFI directly

A Factory where I am working, is using mesh network using raspberry pi 3 to communicate with the mesh modules
But I am searching for best way to communicate the Mesh module directly with WIFI(AI mesh AC 1900 series )to connect through internet and sent the digital data to omnistor,
But I am beginner for connecting the modules with wifi use them with cloud, please suggest me simple way to make this fuctional.
Also need to create dashboard tracker using OMNISTOR which help to display the reading of the sensor
And Create the warning notification which will be sent to smart phones and help to control the other device by using this cloud

Note : I wanted to write the firmware which will be use to connect securely to mesh network through WIFI easily

"operating at a safe 900MHz"

Being on a different frequency band and like a different modulation, you can't connect to it through WiFi.

You'll need hardware specific to that mesh. It's not supported by any 802.11 hardware that I am aware of.

I am using Zigbee module (zigbee A as router and zigbee C as coordinator) which is in built in wireless sensor and use Zigbee C to get connected to WIFI Router

Main motive is to get the communicate mesh sensor data using Wifi Router which directly sends the data to Omnistor Cloud

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The you'll need Linux drivers of some sort for the module, as well as data format and APIs for both the remote modules, mesh-access module, and the Ominstore cloud.

The only part of that that may be OpenWRT specific is the driver for the module. indicates those modules are "Legacy(EOL)" but that they seem to be serial devices that use "standard" FTDI drivers. I believe that is available in the USB serial packages for OpenWRT. Past that, there shouldn't be anything that isn't "normal" Linux application programming.