Create firmware for Ruckus r700

Hi Guys,

you rock , can you create firmware for ruckus r700 as the unleased version is not available from official site and it is very good AP want to use as mesh

You're the person with the device...

I am going to go out on a limb and say that it is not going to happen or is not possible as there is not a single ruckus AP on

Well then, I have to debunk this.

Support for R500 is almost complete(, support for ZF7321 and ZF7372 is complete and waiting for merge.
My findings from ZF7372 should help finishing the R500 support a lot, without requirement of generating Ruckus custom image format.

@rakesh2767 I guess you'll at least have to disassemble the device and show us what's inside, as information on it in the interwebs is scarce, so I can't really tell if running initramfs from, say, R500, would work.

Yeah I tried to look for it at fccid yesterday, but there were no internal photos.

Seems it's Qualcomm based though.