Create a "travel" router to share a WiFi connection

I want to create a "travel" router. On our vacation location we have a chalet with a WiFi connection that I want to share with multiple devices. I see there are devices (with openwrt) which can do this. I prefer to use a more powerful device to do this. What should I look for? Should I look for a router with 3+ bands? 1x 2.4G for the incoming connection and 1x2.4G/1x5G for the local devices (2.4G for incoming connection because it has a larger reach and the connection is limited by host anyway? Is that logical?)

I'm not sure if I use the right terminology. Correct me when I'm wrong, I'll edit it.

I'm also fine with buying a second hand router (even prefer it) you usually get better hardware for the same price that way.

If you want to u¡e device at homevafter choose well:

you can use travelmate package for all connections during travels, what you describe is simple wwan setup.

If there is limited connection speed, then what's the purpose of having a more powerful device here? Or you mean signal strength?

Just a normal dual band devices would serve your purpose.

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A very popular and well supported option is the GL-Inet GL-MT3000. It's not the cheapest device, but has nice specs for the price, including the small size. I recently picked one up for exactly this purpose, and I'll be using it as a travel router + VPN (connecting back to my home) when I'm abroad. The moment it arrived, I flashed it with official OpenWrt... super easy!

There's also the Cudy TR3000, looks almost the same, and have the same specs as the MT3000, but half the flash, it is however fanless, and cheaper :slight_smile:

I went for the TR3000, but I got a cheap open box off US eBay,~$35.

Is there a good guide how to create this kind of travel router with a router that is supported bij openwrt?