Create a separate DHCP scope?

I created a GUEST WiFi in LuCI. Is there a way I can create a separate DHCP scope for this WiFi? I'm looking for my main WiFi to issue IPs ending in 100-150 (already doing this) and the Guest WiFi to issue IPs ending in 160-190.

A guest network should use an IP range different to the LAN: if your LAN is 192.168.1.x, your wifi should be 192.168.2.x or similar; I do not think you can consider it a "guest wifi" if both networks are in the same IP range.

Now, once you have achieved that, just go to the configuration page for the guess interface, then under the "DHCP server" section use 160 as "Start" and 30 as "Limit".

I'm a little confused. My LAN is 172.16.200.x. My main WiFi is attached to this network with DHCP to Is this not right?

I don't have a GUEST interface, just a GUEST WiFI attached to the LAN. I'm not sure how to setup the GUEST interface.

Yes you want a separate guest interface and this tutorial should help[]=guest&s[]=ap

Thanks. I'll take a look at the recipe for doing this in LuCI.

I think I got it, thanks. I set the Guest WiFi to 192.168.200.x. I was unable to test with my phone because my phone mac is assigned a static IP on the 172.16.200.x LAN network under the DHCP and DNS section of LuCI. This section seems to cover ALL networks. Is there a way to statically assign IPs only to devices that connect to the LAN 172 network and not when devices connect to the 192 network?

As far as I know, static lease settings only apply if a client device connects to that network segnet the leases IP address can be reached locally.

If you set a static lease (which is from your LAN) and your clients connects to your LAN, then the client will get exactly the
If the very same client connects to GUEST, then the client will not get the but an IP Address from within the range 192.168.200.x.
See section "-G, --dhcp-host":

Addresses allocated like this are not constrained to be in the range given by the --dhcp-range option, but they must be in the same subnet as some valid dhcp-range

I'm not sure if you can add multiple static leases for the same MAC address but different IP addresses of different ranges for different networks. There's a chance this just works (to have static leases for the same device wherever you are), but there's also a chance dnsmasq just refuses to start once you have multiple static leases covering the same MAC address.

Thanks for this info. When I connected, my phone was listed on the Status page with the 172 address that I statically assigned. However, it showed a 192 address on a different screen...I don't recall which one. I really don't need to statically assign IPs to users on the LAN but I want to see friendly names on the status page and Netlink Bandwidth Monitor. I don't want to see a bunch of meaningless (android-9f13e339c8abcd82) names. Is there another way of assigning friendly names to the main wifi instead of using the DHCP and DNS section of LuCI?