Create a backup image OpenWrt 18.06.05

Hi all,

I'm currently using OpenWRT 18.06.05 and I have it configured using certain packages and VI's but I wish to create a backup of that configured firmware so that when I change routers I'll only have to load the backed image to the new router.

I know this is possible because I've done it with another router, thing is, I don't know which partition is the partition that contains the stuff that I need...

How do I know which partition contains all the installed packages and its corresponding configuration files?


Are you talking about identical routers or different ones? The thing is the hardware vary between routers, and therefore the configuration also varies.

A safer option would be to do a backup archive, and then you can re-use it carefully and edit the text files to make the necessary changes where required.

Yeah, they are the same routers for this case the router I'm talking about is the Linksys WRT1200AC.

Provided they are the same hardware revision as well, you can just backup the config from LuCI.
In 19.07 you have more control over what files to backup.

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Thank you @Hegabo

Just to let you all know, I found a way to do this using SSH.

I used the command sysupgrade -b to create a backup image, but first I had to go to /etc/sysupgrade.conf to select what I wanted to backup, for this case I wanted to use the same openwrt version, the same installed packages, and the same configuration for each installed package in another router, therefore I had to select /overlay/upper and /tmp as the stuff I wanted to backup.

Then I went to the other router (it was a similar router than the one I backedup), installed openwrt 18.06.5 on it, and used sysupgrade to load the backup I previously created from the first router.

I hope I explained myself clear enough, anyways thanks!