Creat .mib file from snmp

i want creat a mib file from snmp that install on openwrt
i install snmpd , snmpd-mini , smartsnmp , snmp-mib
but i dont know how get mib file
and how i can test mt snmp on modem work correct ?
can show me a compelete doc for snmp in openwrt ?

Snmpd will work, its config file is documented. You then use a snmp browser to contact the daemon.

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correct . this mean i can get mib file form openwrt modem ?
or i need a software for get mib file ? would use a SNMP browser to pull MIBs/OIDs statistics from a device.

  • Are you asking if there's a package that you can install on the OpenWrt itself to do this pull all?

If you're referring to all the categories of poll-able data, then it's a ucd/net device - see:

Hope this helps.

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Yes, I want to know there is a package to do this in openwrt?

The package snmp-utils should include the tools you desire.