Crashloop after OpenWrt install at WRT1900ACS

I have 6x WRT1900ACS (v2) that gave me headache.
After installing OpenWRT they are restarting in a loop (10-20sec uptime, crash).

What I had done:

Why I use a snapshot image ? Because the latest stable version is also creating the same problem.
Now it gets strange, my first Box I have flashed works like a charm and run for days now without any problem.

Currently I have no real idea left, maybe serial console at the jtag ?
dmesg from 18.06 Image showed that just one CPU core was online (sadly lost log, I already trying around since some days)

Try writing in the first partition the firmware from Linksys, and from there try to write firmware OpenWrt.
If you want i recommend you a compilation from Daniel Petre.

I would still have a recommendation, if you can write on both partitions Linksys firmware and only after that, from the first partition try to install a variant of OpenWrt
Personally, on the first partition i use linksys firmware, on the second partition OpenWrt / SuperWrt ..

Be aware that, as far as I know, the referenced "superwrt" refuses to release source, even though the Linux kernel significant portions of the OS are clearly under GPL.

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@jeff Look better here, all the information is here.

Umm, maybe Iā€™m missing something, but there is no Corresponding Source there that I can find, nor any of the licenses and copyright statements required by GPL or other licenses.

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My intention is to run vanilla OpenWRT with basically no modifications to keep a clean and easy upgrade track. Also if SuperWRT based on OpenWRT the same problems should appear there too.
Like said I just flashed the image and changed absolutely nothing and the crash/restartloop started.

A second WRT1900 became stable (ended crashloop) after I attachted a serial cable to the jtag headers.
Not a single Idea how that should fixed something.

I am just a bit curios if I have this problems with several identical devices (that are not unpopular) this should be a common problem, or did I miss something that I am not aware of ?

Hmm after actually using the stable ones they crash rather quickly after surfing with the browser.

Is it possible that OpenWRT is broken for that devices ? The only "major" thing I setup was 5 VLANs. They work well, till the box is at reboot loop.

here is the dmesg from an start to crash
not a lot happend till it started crashloop again

last lines are

[ 1320.959407] ieee80211 phy0: Mac80211 start BA a4:ab:11:12:1f:68
[ 2688.502330] ieee80211 phy0: Mac80211 start BA a4:ab:11:12:1f:68
[ 3946.219418] ieee80211 phy1: Mac80211 start BA 47:2b:a0:61:a8:2f

turned out we had 5 out of 6 router with an HW fault that was reproduce able with the stock firmware
warranty replaced, now they are working like intended

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