CPU governor missing (running on Proxmox host)

Hi to all

I was running Mikrotik ROS 7.9.2 CHR on Proxmox
The host CPU usage was about 5% and power consumption on UPS was about 10%

Now, i am running x64 23.05 image on same Proxmox, same count of CPU (2 core 1 socket) same kvm64 emulator, same config, here i mean, same functionality as ROS and the CPU usage is bigger

currently it is 13% (vs 5%) and power measured on UPS is 13% (vs 10%)

about config
15 Wireguard peers for monitoring
10 Vlans with routing/filtering/nat
IPv4 / IPv6

so, network traffic is below 20 Mbps, as the whole wireguard is only for SNMP polling, and router is for separating vlans and allowing some port forward
nothing CPU heavy, no intensive network traffic

ROS and OWRT are using Bridge Vlan filtering, and network adapter in both case is "virtio"

looking at OWRT
cat /proc/cpuinfo i saw that OWRT always reporting maximum HOST freq

model name      : Common KVM processor
cpu MHz         : 3503.988

but there is no need for this, as load average: 0.17, 0.06, 0.01 is very low

i tried to look at

ls -l /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/

but there is no



what i am missing here ?
should i change CPU emulation/type on Proxmox?

my goal is to lower HOST CPU utilization/power consumption/temperature to be like in ROS CHR

any suggestion?

... and yes
in file target/linux/x86/config-5.15

so it should be there, but no
whole cpufreq folder is missing :frowning: