CPU frequency scaling driver for mvebu (WRT3200ACM etc.)

Some what close, Basically the patch file will require you to have a Build environment with OpenWRT source code pulled from github, then some setup time and a patch run so that you can build the firmware you flash to your router.

Ok I have to forget it so..

Why do you have to forget it?

If you need help setting up a build environment etc you can always ask for help.

See I would do you a build however, it would be without the ability to install new packages or different packages as my webserver I use for packages is LAN based and not facing externally to the internet.

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I see.
Not really understand how to do it but I guess that is not really a big deal to add the CPU frequency...?

If you have not built an OpenWRT Image before then maybe just rely on @hnyman Dropbox image for the WRT3200ACM.

If you have built the images, then grab the patches and apply them to your build environment. Then build.

It's not complicated if you have experience building from source, if not then read the openwrt wiki on how to do a vanilla img first.

Just tested this patch on both 5.4 and 4.14. 5.4 seems to not run into the issue I ran into on 4.14 which indeed reboot on high IO. I did read that they said they identified the problem but did not write the patch at the time. Any clue if it has been addressed?

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Is there a WRT32X build available on newest 5.4 kernel and patch applied? :smiley:

I only have wrt3200acm and have built only for that.

Thanks. Guess I should keep it on DD-WRT then. Or try to exchange it for a WRT3200. Your builds are great!

If it would help I’ll gladly buy & ship a WRT32X to any developer who needs one.

I made build with the patch for WRT32X however its internal use and was used to test.

As I can't get a new compile to compile I can't make a build with the patch for public use.

It looks nlbwmon is not included in the builds and it cannot be installed after due to higher kernel requirements. Are there any incompatibles with nlbwmon and this hardware? Can it be included at builds recompiling?
Nlbwmon is very good at keeping tag on clients MACs bandwidth on metered Interned connections.

It can be easily added by editing the .config recipe and recompiling.

(I actually add luci-app-nlbwmon to all my other builds, but have never included it here, as my WRT3200ACM is not internet-facing.)

I added nlbwmon to the newest build master-r14204-83b1e40561-20200820

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That is So Great! Thank YOU!! Nlbwmon can be easily not loaded on boot if not needed. Only that my config with VLANs got messed up from this new DSA. Need to figure out if I can rebuild my switch config with DSA in this build with nlbwmon. DSA has currently a lot of problems and not quite ready for use. Switch config was so easy with LuCI :frowning:

What is your previous config?

Couple of days of searching, couple hours of struggling, some screaming from impatient young users, with a little simplified setup the latest build with DSA is up and running. They say humans can survive about a week without food, 2-3 days without water, but without Internet, that's a really tough one. It should be a subject of study for some British scientists...

@hnyman thanks again. Nlbwmon is so nice to keep tag on those pesky traffic burners.

OpenWRT and its Devs. are Great!

Tested these cpufreq patches on a Helios 4 device. Reboots within an hour of running btrfs scrub (no it does not complete).

Is it possible to add iptables-mod-filter package with kmod module? This is very useful to filter unwanted domains with iptables.

DFS is supported per the spec on page 315.

Sure, if you compile your own build with it.

(Like I say in the second message of this thread, I have just intended this as a test build, and I am not going to tailor it more than just for my own needs)