CPU "feqenuce"

I just stumbled over a typo in a bootlog.

[    0.000000] Linux version 3.10.14 (git@git) (gcc version 4.8.3 (**OpenWrt/Linaro** GCC 4.8-2014.04 unknown) ) #1 SMP Thu May 14 17:17:11 CST 2020
[    0.000000] 
[    0.000000]  The CPU feqenuce set to 880 MHz

A quick search showed a lot of findings in bootlogs, but other than that, no really helpfull information.
Does anybody know where this feqenuce originates from? Which file would need to be corrected?
Just curious, because such things are heavily itching in my eyes... X-(

Linux kernel.
(click the re-search with feqenuce)

Has likely been corrected after kernel 3.10 (and is not present in the current OpenWrt versions ????)

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Same here - When I see a spelling mistake in a coding project, in the back of my mind I am thinking to myself "What else has been typed incorrectly?" and "Will I encounter issues caused by this example of workmanship?" :confused:

Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

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I actually spent some 15 minutes trying to figure out an ancient kernel version where it would have been present in the kernel sources, but I failed. Strange.

(alternatively it has been in some ancient Atheros SDK for MIPS routers, or something like that.)

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