CPE210 v1 - ipv4 problems

I installed openwrt on the router tp-link cpe 210 v1, and I can not go to it tried to turn on ipv4 in automatic mode and the laptop can not pick up ipv4 butlaska help.

The CPE210 isn't a router, but it can be set up as one.

You need to connect to is using an ethernet cable, wifi is disabled by default.

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i am connected via ethernet

if you're connected directly to the CPE210, it would appear as the flash failed ...

try setting an IP manually, in the 192.168.1 subnet, and SSH to it.
which image did you flash, anyway ?

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V1 got two Ethernet ports, one might be treated as wan port by default.

Are you able to open the openwrt web ui with static IP? If so you probably want to enable dhcp on that (lan) interface

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Does openwrt have a static address?

Yes, is the default address