CPE and EAP Series mix

Hello to everybody, this is my first post here on openwrt forum.

Is there anybody who can share experience using openwrt with cpe210/510, as well about eap-2xx series? I want to use openwrt on one eap245, eap235-wall, eap225-outdoor and cpe210/510.

I currently do not use openwrt on eap/cpe series of which I have quite many devices, but I am considering using openwrt on few of them, beside risking lifetime warranty. I have two access points eap225-outdoor which should act as wireless client/bridge, this is where I would like to know if openwrt on eap225-outdoor works as stable as original fw does. I hope it does work excellent, just like on all other devices where I use openwrt.

Original fw works pretty well for the needs of cpe210/510 as well for eap series, I kinda am falling into trap of changing a working system, but if openwrt runs stable it is worth it, at least for me.

You should probably read the fine print, it's usually limited to the product's lifetime, not yours.

Have you searched the forum already? There are multiple threads about those devices.

Depends on how much dead it is, if it's alive enough to be flashed, you can flash it back, if it's completely dead, they're probably not going to notice...

"This is the first time cryptolinux has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!"

You need to dial it down dude.

Not a good way to start out.

Like a word quiz :), it does not have to be dead to have physical damage of any components. If it is somehow faulty but can be successfully flashed, then probably yes, you would be correct and they might not notice it.

"Outdoor Business Class" products (e.g. CPE210, EAP225 Outdoor) have only a 2 year warranty. Lifetime warranty on indoor "Business Class" products ends 5 years after the model is discontinued.

As they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

I use 3 EAP225v3's for my WiFi and have deployed several for friends. It is a good value AP and when run in a managed config using the OC200 controller and with the right settings, it provides an excellent user experience for mobile devices and for IoT (it can force a client to use the closer/more appropriate AP).

In contrast, AP's or routers with WiFi running OpenWRT have been a nightmare for me and friends. So I'd be careful about what you are getting into. Unless there is a very specific feature you need (vs want) that only exists in OpenWRT, I'd say leave well-enough alone.

Why do I say this? I had been depending on MT76-based units running OpenWRT and those are flacky, even the old Archer C7 which used to have excellent wifi under LEDE (17.x) is now flacky as well under 19.07.x (and from reading here, possibly 21.02).

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