CPE 210 v3 and Captative portal solutions

Hello everyone.
After sucefully installed the snapshot firmware into my CPE210 v3.0 I want to add the nodogsplash solution but i cant even dowload the package from repository cuz is not there (yes, i did opkg update)
then i find wifidog-ng , another captative portal solution and is at the repository .... ok . now the problem come up with this error :

cannot satisfy the following dependencies for iptables-mod-extra:

kernel (= 4.14.125-1-4798db7ce04dcb4337e44dbaa2a958a0)

Basically im asking for any help here since i spend 2 whole days trying to solve this (yes, im a newcomer) I made a lot of mistakes. firts bought the cpe220 v3 with no support at all then i bought this cpe210 v3 and there is only snapshot version (my mistake again).

I just want the whole thing to run a captive portal for my bussiness.

Again. Any idea or support will be kindly accepted.

Please update to a newer snapshot. At least judging from your error message, you're falling over the kernel module package version not matching the running kernel of your snapshots (4.14.125 vs 4.14.148). The dependency relations between kernel and its module (kmod-*) packages is very strict, as it involves both the version number an a hash over the kernel configuration, as a result kernel (which is part of the firmware image) and kmod-* packages effectively must be part of the same (snapshot-) build. Given that snapshots are being rebuilt roughly daily, you only have a ~24h window left to install kmods after sysupgrading to a new snapshot (yes, snapshots kmods are supposed to be retained for a bit longer than just 24h, but 4.14.125 --> 4.14.148 spans quite a bit more than just 24h).


tnx for your answer. Im going to follow that instructions and reply here for my results.

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The problem is solved. Now all the dependencies and packages seems to work flawlessly so thank to @slh for the help.

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