Could someone help me setup ksmbd please

Hi, as the title suggests, im new to OpenWRT, ive installed the stable version of OpenWRT on my Flint 2 (Mt6000) which so far im loving as long as in a couple of days I dont start having issues like I was having with the GL.iNet firmware, but as I stated, im new to OpenWRT so its a bit alien to me, I just need a bit of help setting up ksmbd if possible please, im sure this is quite easy for you experienced guys, I have a USB HDD plugged into the USB port on the router which I would like to access from my PC, I kind of need this in laymens terms if possible, ive got a little experience using putty, but not a great deal, I simply dont know what to add into the config boxes and how to find the correct path ? I cant help but feel that maybe im missing another piece of software for the router that may give me some of this info.

name is the name of the share as seen in Windows, path would be where the shared drive's mounted on the router.

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path would be where the shared drive's mounted on the router.

Thank you, but where do I find the path ?

ie sda1\mounted\all folders ?

EDIT:nvm,I was being dumb, I found a guide (sort of) this is for samba share, but it will do as long as I have access to the drive. [OpenWrt Wiki] Share USB hard-drive with Samba using LuCI

the Path is the Monting Point, likes /mnt/sda1