Could not open disk cache file /var/pdnsd/pdnsd.cache

pdnsd[1910]: Could not open disk cache file /var/pdnsd/pdnsd.cache: No such file or directory
pdnsd[1910]: Error: could not bind socket: Permission denied. Status readback will be impossible
  • Are you asking for help?
  • Are you aware that the last code edit was 7 years ago?
  • Have you inquired with the developer?
  • Have you tried the site listed on the Wikipedia page?
  • Did you actually create the folder /var/pdnsd ..that folder is not persistent on OpenWrt??? You must create it on each boot before pdnsd runs.
  • If pdnsd requires the file pdnsd.cache to preexist, you also have to use touch to make it as well
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@lleachii Thank you, I think fixed it.

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