Could it be possible to add support for Mercusys H90X?

I wonder if it was possible to add support since it was so similar to the MR90X(already supported).

I'm sure that it's possible. They're almost identical. Ports, LEDs configuration may require some adjustment. Maybe even unchanged mr90x OpenWrt firmware can work.

Should I try installing using the mr90x method or could I risk bricking the device?

You can try. And use web recovery (check MR90X wiki page) if you get brick.

I tried to connect via SSH (via putty) with port 20001 as root on and with the web config password but it just doesn't seem to work

It's worth to try other combinations: admin:web_pass, root:serial_num etc.

well I saw the logs and I saw this, should I just try every possible user and see what sticks?

Just kidding, when I log in as root, I doesn't show the "login attempt for nonexistent user"
part, so the username is still root I suppose

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any luck? what hardware specs does it have?

Really makes you wonder, considering it's "almost identical" to MR90X.

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I've read that part. I was curious how do you know it is almost identical?
Managed to login? opened it?

That's what @csharper2005 posted 6 mo ago.

What surprised me is no one has opened one up or posted the internals anywhere.
It's also expensive compared to two mr90x

There are usually photos on fccid, but not in this case.

Possibly that's the reason why we have neither PCB photos nor OpenWrt.