Correct directory to place dtsi?

I'm adding a new device supporting.
I have two classes of DTS file to be added, i.e. dts and dtsi.
I know that *.dts should be put into
But I don't know where dtsi files should be put.

Although I copy them all into this directory, but I can NOT pass the compilation.
It still complains that "***.dtsi, 'No such file or directory' ".

I guess DTSI files may be included by many other DTS files, so they should be at some "common" place?
If I put DTSI into
I can pass the compilation, but this is a temperory dir, and it would be removed by make clean.

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Right next to the *.dts which sources the *.dtsi, albeit with mvebu there is certainly incentive and precedent to submit both to the mainline kernel.

Thanks for hint.
I of course put the dtsi into the same dir as the dts, but I can NOT pass compilling.
It always reports that
"No such file or directory"