Correct configuration to deploy 1 x router & 1 AP

Good day,

I studied documentation, but I am not sure which configuration to deploy, as the page Wifi Extender or Repeater or Bridge Configuration does not seem to describe exactly what I have in mind:

I have an existing router, a huawei B660 (with a horribly restricted interface and limited capabilities) that connects to the internet via sim card / cell network. It is also configured to function as a wifi AP. On the LAN ports I have only a LAN connected.

What I would like to do is to create a second accespoint at another part of the building, to extend wifi-access of the existing wifi-network. This will be in the form a of a Raspberry pi 3 (mostly because it is already available) and this will be connected with the LAN port to the main router.

What documentation / instructions should I follow?
Am I correct that the firewall function will still be the duty of the router?
Will I be able to deploy packages like adblock and ip filtering on the router?

Is there a recommended package that allows you to monitor web sites visited and bandwith utilization by IP address?

Many thanks, as I said, just point me in the direction, no spoonfeeding required.

You can't monitor or control anyone who is going directly through the main router's wifi to the cell network. The only way to do that would be to use the B660 only as an Internet connection and have your own router(s) providing the wifi.

The simple quick-start to get some experience setup is to make the Pi a dumb AP, or a wired to wifi bridge, so its wireless users become part of the main router's LAN. And all routing would still be done by the main router.

Thank you mk24!

So, If I connect 2 raspi pi LEDE AP's via the lan, can I still set it up so that devices connected to the AP's can access the NAS that will also be connected to the router's LAN Port?

What setup shoul I then follow for the two AP''s in the LEDE documentation?

You don't need to do much.

If you configure your RPi, adjust their LAN network IP address from default to a value that

  • is not the IP address of your main router
  • does not conflict with the DHCP range of the main router
  • is within the subnet of the main routers IP LAN network
  • does not conflict with the second RPi

Then you turn of DHCP for the LAN network on your RPis, hit save and connect your RPi with your main router by wire.

What you're trying to do is "dumb AP" (thats what mk24 told you already), and that's what you need to look for in the documentation.

Not in LEDE