Copyright notice for OpenWrt method

I'm not sure where to post this.

In this helpful link,

They explain how to make a program start/stop but they have a copyright notice.
Can I still share this with someone so they can use it? Isn't this just how openwrt works?

Just not understanding the copyright and use of their suggestion.

OpenWrt's license has no bearing on this. The copyright they claim is for the texts and other media on their site. Whether or not they can actually claim a copyright on a tutorial and some configuration snippets can be doubted, but can also only properly be assessed by a copyright lawyer or, unlikely as the worst case may be, a court.

But of course you can share that link with someone else, as long as you don't copy the content in verbatim and redistribute it as your own you are completely fine.

Thanks for the link and in fact, it's why I asked. Then link you show I found before finding their information. Their information is perfectly clear to someone like me that is not as knowledgeable as some here are. It took me minutes to simply do it while the link you show gives a ton of technical details that I cannot follow.

However, from that page, I see the following which helps me at my level of knowledge.

Just some input from one user of openwrt :).

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