Copy files between USB 3.0 drives

I'm looking for a device that can autonomously copy all of the files from a USB 3.0 hard drive (NTFS) to a new one. It would be nice if I could control it via Wi-Fi. Price is very much a concern.

I'm thinking a router may work, if I can find one that can keep up with the hard drives. 12TB WD USB drives run around 180MB/s, and I'd really like a device that can read from one drive while writing to the other, so total throughput would be double that. I don't know enough about hardware to know if that would mean a multicore processor would be required, or if the CPU can just instruct the USB controller(s) to read/write data directly to/from RAM so the CPU itself doesn't get involved in the actual transfers, or what.

A single USB 3.0 port is rated at 500 MB/s, so the device probably only needs to have one of them, I can use a hub to connect both drives.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Look at x86_64.

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One issue is that most embedded devices do not support UAS.

If that's not a concern, any recent ARM device should be plenty.

checkout a forensics supplier/magazine... plenty of industrial strength solutions...