Coova-chilli on OpenWrt 22.03 (nftables)

What actions have to be done to update the Coova-Chilli package in order for it to work on OpenWrt 22.03?

At a guess, I would say pre-install iptables-nft, then install coovachilli....

I have tested that, but it doesn't work our for me, the mini browser opens up but traffic is not redirected properly.

The very same configurations on OpenWrt 21.02 work.

Coova-chilli also does some manipulation of iptable rules. So, you are welcome to "translate" these manipulations to nft rules.

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A bit more guesswork - You might need to pre-install xtables-nft instead of/as well as iptables-nft.

Looking at the makefile it has libxtables as a dependency so that will most likely install xtables-legacy by default with potential indeterminate issues.

If an ipt module is left installed, opkg will very likely abort when the nft compatibility module tries to install.

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So the options suggested are:

  1. rewrite coova-chilli internal logic to nftables
  2. ensure the libraries which ensure backward compatibility are installed correctly

I would try 2 before attempting 1, mainly because it sounds like 1 may be good to be done upstream rather than in OpenWrt only, since I understand that other distros are gradually switching or have already switched to nftables by default with the compatibility libraries installed by deafult.