Converting WRT1900AC router running on OpenWRT into a Mesh router and Link with TP-Link Deco mesh

To give a background,
I have Deco Mesh running through the house consisting of 2 TP-Link X20 and 3 Deco M5's, over one fibre network with 300 Mbps connection.

I have another 400 Mbps Fibre connection as a back up, as we conduct a several online classes to individuals and corporates and being connected at all times is crucial.

Recently, I installed OpenWRT software(thanks to all the tutorials in this forum) on my Linksys 1900ACv2 router and enabled LAN port as WAN2, with an intention to load balance both my ISP's.

My Queries are:

  • whether we can convert this WRT 1900AC router into a Mesh router, to form a mesh with the other TP-Link Deco Devices.
  • Can it also perform as a Multi WAN load balancing router at the same time.

Thanks and Warm Regards

I would avoid including Linksys WRT devices into a mesh, their Wifi isnt a burner.

Using it for MWAN: no issues to expect

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Thanks for your response Pico