Convert proxy to gateway

One important question :
If I have internet from my isp with proxy server only can
I use openwrt to change this proxy server into normal gateway
To supply my network with internet ??

I think what you need is called "transparent proxy".

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this is the first time I know about "transparent proxy".
Is there any article about setting openwrt with "transparent proxy". ?

Please help

I read this article about "transparent proxy"
But they use it to run openwrt as proxy server

My issue is different That I only have internet from ISP through proxy server
And I need to use openwrt to change it to gateway for my network

In principle, you cannot give full internet access to the devices in your network, because you do not have full internet access on the router. You could configure your devices to use the same proxy provided by the ISP, or you can configure your router as an intermediate proxy (and act as a proxy server for your devices and a proxy client to the proxy provided by your ISP); and you can configure the router as a transparent proxy so your devices do not need to be configured manually.


How to do this ? Am alsonlooking for this but don't find any step to step guide how to do this . May yoi please help me in this.