Convert multicast to unicast


I would like to transform in a bridge all multicast packets incoming from a specific mac addresses, to unicast paquets to a given list of devices. Do you know any way to do this?

Thank's in advance!


Well, that's kind of what happens when your multicast stream reaches the RP in your network, anyway. As the RP is likely to be on your router, it's already sending the stream individually to each receiving client on your switched network (assuming your switch is configured for PIM-SM, which it should be).

What exactly are you trying to achieve? There could be a better way of doing it if multicast isn't working properly for you at the moment.

I meant in a bridge.

I'm trying to isolate some devices in regards with mDNS (mutlicast DNS): I would like to have a mac access list, to which mac is allowed to see some mDNS device's services or not.

Oh, that's an interesting one. I imagine you'd be better off using iptables to allow/disallow traffic :thinking:

Either apply those rules on the host you're working on or, if you want to control it over a whole network segment, on the router or AP/bridge.

suppose you succeed, why would these devices be listening for these unicast packets?