Convert CISCO WRVS-4400N into Mesh Wifi Router

I am new to this site so please be patient with me.

I have an old CISCO WRVS-4400N wifi router, with a clock that won't hold time. I am going to take it apart to see if I can determine if there is a CMOS battery or not. Hopefully there is.

I also have a new ASUS AiMesh Wifi System that comes with two RT-AC66U B1 wifi routers that can be meshed/clustered to extend my wifi more efficiently across my townhome of three stories.

Finally my question...
Is it possible for me to replace the firmware on my CISCO device and then use that device to extend my WiFi network even more powerfully in my home? Is that what OpenWRT can do for me?

I am trying to determine if I am wasting my time or if this is an appropriate website.