Convert .bin firmware to .trx format (Asus RP-N53)

I have an ASUS RP-N53 (ramips, mt7620) that supports OpenWRT.

OpenWRT page:

Latest OpenWRT firmware release:

While the OpenWRT firmware .bin image file is available, I found no working instructions to flash it. I tried using TFTP as client or server but nothing works. I thought of converting the available .bin file to .trx, and then use the official built-in admin webpage to flash the openwrt.trx file.

How do I convert .bin to .trx? There is a solution that uses dd to skip the first 32 bytes, but it doesn't work for my RP-N53, probably because the solution is for Broadcom BCM47xx; mine is MT7620.

I found firmware mod kit that has ASUS TRX tool, but it doesn't appear to support conversion from the bin format.

I downloaded the official firmware from ASUS, and "file" reports the following:

u-boot legacy uImage, , Linux/MIPS, OS Kernel Image (lzma),
7596596 bytes,
Wed Mar 21 03:01:08 2018,
Load Address: 0x80000000, Entry Point: 0x8000C310, Header CRC: 0xFEA72C43, Data CRC: 0x195B1FD1

Compare with the official .bin file:

u-boot legacy uImage, MIPS OpenWrt Linux-4.14.180, Linux/MIPS, OS Kernel Image (lzma),
1565151 bytes,
Sat May 16 18:32:20 2020,
Load Address: 0x80000000, Entry Point: 0x80000000, Header CRC: 0x874F9ED6, Data CRC: 0xC43424BC

Any ideas how to convert to .trx? Or how do I make my RP-N53 accept the .bin firmware file? Thank you for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

OpenWrt's git shows a commit adding support for the RP-N53 from August 2013. Maybe @blogic can help, he added support. I don't know if he hangs out on the forum, but you can sure try on IRC.

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