Contiguous SSIDover multiple OpenWrt (meraki MR16)

Many MANY apologies if this is.....
a) simple
b) been asked and answered... for some reason - i get a page cannot be found error.
I have 6 Meraki MR16's All running the same (except MAC Addresses) Build of RipTideWave99's.
In the Interfaces, I have configured ...

  • lan
  • wan (SSID for 2.4Ghz) MYSSID-M-2
  • wan6 (SSID for 5Ghz) MYSSID-M-5
    Can i spread the SSID's across all APs without using cucumber... can i do this independently... or "IS" cucumber best for Contiguous SSIDs.
    Basically - I want a 2.4Ghz SSID and a 5 GHz SSID without having to keep retyping the same passphrase:-
    Mode: Master
    BSSID: 00:18:0A:38:8F:F5
    Encryption: mixed WPA/WPA2 PSK (CCMP)
    Channel: 11 (2.462 GHz)
    Tx-Power: 17 dBm
    Signal: 0 dBm
    Noise: -95 dBm
    Bitrate: 0.0 Mbit/s
    Country: GB

hopefully that question makes sense....
Thanks In Advance!

Same riptidewave from

Chaos Calmer has been out of support for years and is known insecure. Working with a current build is pretty much required. ar71xx has been deprecated and replaced by ath79 in v19.

No idea what cucumber is in this context, but, in general, “stock” OpenWrt can configure what it sounds like you’re asking for simply and directly, without some seemingly obsolete set of packages or patches.

HI Jeff,
Problem is... I couldn't get my build environment up and running... and decided to use RipTideWave99's set of files to get me out of a hole.
I would love to update the packages.. but...
being honest... I don't have a clue how to do it - I can;t even get the Linux Debian Build to work for me without failing at MAKE - after about an hour from the "make kernel_configmenu" command
So... using LEDE - I was able to get out of a sticky situation - yes.. I am only using these for home "work" use...
so.... unless someone could really help with the compilation or updates, or do a step by step "idiots guide" to updating - I'm kind of stuck as I am :frowning:
I appreciate the help you gave me last week, but I still couldn't get the environment to work so... in typical "personal" fashion - I gave up and used what was already there!

Kindest Regards

Who knows just what you've got there, and in more ways that one, its unsupported.

Why don't you follow up on

with what's going on. I can install VirtualBox on a Mac, a VM, Debian, and do a compete build in an hour, so something is likely amiss.

Terminal text copied into the preformatted style with the </> button is much preferred by both search engines as well as my eyes.

ok - I will give it another go...
one final question..... when the files get built, where do they get put in the file system?
I'm guessing somewhere within home/openwrt/ (or is that /home/openwrt - either way......

please - and thank you :slight_smile:

update - just did an RM opernwrt/* -r
ran the git clone
ran the update and install
now for the make menuconfig

  • 14:13 - GMT

FLUP..... how do I get FLUP on the system - apparently MAKE has a dependancy on FLUP

hmm.. the ATH79xx doenst show the Meraki MR16 - but the older AR71xx DOES :frowning: