Content caching access point


I have one doubt,
I am not sure this feature already supported by openwrt.

I want to setup a content caching access point,
for example if user1 accesses a internet resource e.g.
then that resource is saved in cache(or attached disk drive) and served to user1
now when user2 tries to access the same resource
it is served from cache instead of again downloading from internet.

is this possible?

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It is not entirely impossible, but the sum of requirements, drawbacks and wasted efforts makes the whole affair pointless in most cases.
Major blockers are SSL, dynamic content, IO-performance and storage capacity.
Nowadays web content caching mostly relies on web browsers and CDNs.


Adding to that ^, what you can do is beef up / fine tune client caches....

Default browser settings are way too chatty.....

Application level addons / caches are often available when there is a real need. So see what uses most of your bandwidth and look into application optimization.


In addition this is just as exploitable as any other cache, in that measuring the response timing can reveal which pages already reside in the cache, meaning users can Snoop on each other....