Constant ping spikes exactly 1s apart

Hi all!

Please bear with me, I'm a total network noob but I'm trying to learn!

I just installed openWRT on an Archer C7 and i have ping spikes that occur exactly 1s apart. They will occur for a few minutes or so, then stop and then continue again. They seem to only happen when using 5GHz wifi and occur on multiple connected devices.

the C7 is connected to a Netgear cable modem running in bridge mode.

Does anyone have any ideas about what could be causing this?

If it only happens on the 5GHz band, my first suspect would be interferences from a nearby network, on the DFS detection mechanism on your router.

DFS is for switching between 2.4 and 5Ghz right? It still happens when 2.4GHz is disabled.

DFS is for detecting Interference from from DFS channels on 5G which forces channel to change to another 5G channel


Ah right!

Well maybe I'll just try and move it to a different location and see if it helps.

You need to change the 5GHz channel to a non DFS, not to change the location of the router within the building.