Conspicuously absent new 18.06.x tag 4/32 Implications

Previously tags to update branches occurred within hours of each other and 19.07 was introduced with 18.06.3. Any insights on 20.x release and if 4/32 devices will be abandoned or accommodated?

19.07 will be the last release with support for 4/32 MB devices


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Sorry, I should have linked this in my original post

OpenWrt-devel May 2020 thread: Skinny platforms

It looked like "Skinny Platforms" were being reconsidered but I was not aware of any code being submitted to that end.

I'm no developer, but I don't see this happen anytime soon.

In the context of the "Skinny platforms" discussion, you could ask your question

on the mailing list.

As an indication, I've seen a few devices getting disabled in master in the past few months on ath79/tiny and other similarly constrained platforms. Heck, I even had to fight with a device with more flash to get the kernel to build for it.

I don't think developers are reconsidering their 4/32 stance, frankly.