Conntrack situation. possible backdoor?

I am reposting this from other forum.
Does anybody if LEDE firmware passes shieldsup test on

As you probably know BB does not pass ShieldsUp test.
ShieldsUp test detects port 0 on BB.I am thinking to upgrade to CC. Does anybody know is this fixed in CC?
Or could somebody with CC please run this test and check port 0 situation?
In wiki for CC it says net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_skip_filter is no longer available in CC so how do I turn off port 0?

The ShieldsUp test is almost completely useless. All it is is an advertisement for its creator, spreading FUD in the process. The only useful statement it makes is whether one of your ports is open, and even then it can't help itself flagging it as a bad thing, regardless whether it is intentionally open or not.

Just out of curiosity, what does "Port 0" say for you? It might be something you cannot even control yourself. Remember there's an ISP in the chain before you.