Connection establishment takes long time

Hi there,

I just installed Openwrt on my new hardware. However, I found connect to a new website can take long time even timed out; for some apps like ChatGPT it can timeout if I try to resume a dialogue after opening for a while (but Youtube stream is fine). Even if I am drafting this post, the Create Topic button does not work until I refresh the page.

This problem applies to all my connected devices, no matter wired or wifi.

At first I thought it's due to DNS lookup, then I disabled DNS peer advertising and added DNS nameservers like, but it didn't solve this problem.

I also observed from Chrome that Initial connection takes around 16 seconds whenever connecting to a new website. Sometimes it can be longer making Chrome ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT, then Chrome auto-refreshes the page and finally loaded.

This problem seems to be irrelevant to devices, since I have the same problem on my both new Belkin RT3600 and NETGEAR WAX206.

My ISP is Xfinity.

I really appreciate it if you can share some insights on how to diagnose this problem!

Do you have multiple routers/modem, or double NAT?
Make sure that there is no routing conflict, where one router has the same subnet both on wan and LAN. E.g. both old and new routers at 192.168.1.x.

Each router should have a different subnet on wan and LAN.

Thanks for the reply! And yes, I connect the OpenWRT router to my modem which is also a Wifi router, and they do share the same subnet at 192.168.1.x! Could you please share a guide on how to change it for my OpenWRT router?

Yeah, symptoms sounded like that.

Easiest would be to just edit the Lan IP address in /etc/config/network from to e.g. and then reboot.
Note that after router's reboot, your pc needs to also get a new IP address from the new subnet. You might need to force a DHCP renew.

(You can do that also from LuCI, change Lan IP address, but due to the softbrick/failure monitoring rollback logic in LuCI, the pc address change needs to happen fast... you might need to let it fail once and then say "apply unchecked". See . Editing config file is more straightforward)


Thank you so much!

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