Connecting UPC Free Wifi

Hi Team,

I would like to connect to the UPC Free Wifi network, for this I need the PEAP connection type, where I have to enter the user name and password. I've tried different approaches, including wpad, but I don't see any WPA2 Enterprise options. I have already uninstalled wpad-mini but this makes no difference.

I still found the following instructions and thought that this might work.
Unfortunately I don't know what wpa.conf should look like in this case.

The reason why I want to connect to this network is that I want to build my own WiFi network for it

I use a WRT54GL and have already tried several instructions, but unfortunately all without success. Maybe someone of you has an idea or has already had an experience with it.

Thank you so much

Kind regards

@8800gtx, welcome to the community!

This is old and will only do B speeds and slow down others on the channel.

Have you tried the configs in the Wiki?