Connecting unmanaged switch to NanoPi R5S

Hi all, I'm new to using openwrt so apologies if this is a silly question. But I'm trying to connect a few devices to a NanoPi R5S with openwrt. I have the modem connected to the WAN port on the R5S, and then one of the LAN ports connected to a wireless router. That router connects to the internet and the wifi works fine with multiple devices. The other LAN port on the R5S connects to an unmanaged switch where all of my wired devices are plugged in. For some reason, only one device plugged into that switch works at a time.

I'm assuming this is happening due to a similar reason as to why you cant plug an unmanaged switch directly into the modem, is IPs arent being assigned for each device or something. How would I allow multiple devices to be connected to the single LAN port on an openwrt router? Is that something you can even do?


Sounds like a faulty switch, as you should be able to connect as many devices as you want and all of them to work simultaneously.

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The switch and everything else works great when using a regular off the shelf netgear wifi router instead of the openwrt router.

Very weird. After waking up this morning, another device on the network that's connected to the switch is now working. Just not the 3rd and last one, my NAS is now not connecting.

Aaah, solved the NAS. it had a static IP that was, had to change it to .2.24

Are all lan hosts using static IP settings or DHCP?