Connecting two routers wirelessly and being in the same range

Hi Everyone

I have two routers that I want to connect

I have a LINKSYS 1900ACS (Main router) connected to the modem
It's runing the ExpressVPN Firmware that is based on OpenWRT

And the second
is a TP-LINK TL-WA901ND v5 Acesspoint (Runing OoenWRT LuCi

I want to connect the two routers wirelessly
And also make the The main router (LINKSYS) Handle the DHCP assigning of the Ips

And the TP-LINK AcessPoint just that (an acess point) all the devices connected it get the DHCP From the main router (With no diffrent range) all in the same range

The LINKSYS Being in the main (Handling the Ip & DHCP)
and The TP-LINK is the secondary (Just acts as the Secondary router and provides better connection and range

Any Idea how to do that all wireless ??
Please help ^^

This is what you need:

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