Connecting to wifi that has login page

Hello excuse me for interrupting, my name is Jakub, but you can call me NajtuR. I have a question. Can I connect the Raspberry pi 4 to my dorm wifi that has a login page? I want to connect Google Nest mini to my dorm wifi but can't because of the login page. So I want to make my own hotspot from my dorm wifi that does not have a login page so I can connect my smart stuff to it. Thanks for answers

Yes, you should be.

What you have is known as a captive portal -- if you search the forums you should find some tips.

Fundamentally, the way that you'll deal with it is to use OpenWrt to connect to the upstream wifi network as a client (sta mode) as a WAN, and create a wifi network (AP mode) and a LAN. You'll then use a phone or computer to connect to your new wifi network and use that device to click through (or enter the information into) the captive portal. At that point, all devices on your OpenWrt LAN should be able to access the internet.

The Pi is a particularly bad choice for this, though -- the wifi system on that is very low end and very low performance. I'm not sure if it supports simultaneous AP + sta mode operation, so you may need a USB wifi adapter to do this (and these adapters come with their own challenges).

My recommendation would be to get a proper wifi router device that is supported by OpenWrt 21.02 or 22.03 (these can be relatively inexpensive, especially if you get something used). Pretty much any basic all-in-one wifi router device will have better performance than your Pi.

It (as in brcmfmac) does not.

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Hello, thanks. Is there a list of supported wifi routers with openwrt21,02 -21.03? In my country we use Bazoš it's like eBay but Slovak. I

Just filter for the version you want

I found that I have a router that is supported. Now, what do I do?

Can somebody help me what to do next?

Click on the device page link?

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It looks like it's not commended for future use. So do I need to find a better one?

32mb RAM and Broadcom chipset, is not a great combo, no.

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Is this better for my use? AC750 Archer 20

Depends on what version it is, I guess.

It is on 21.02.3

8/64 is sub optimal, but if there's nothing else....

8/64 is OK if it is not double ath10k.

there's a reason exists.

I was Openwrt-ing when you could fit images in the 2mb flash partitions of some of the early stuff. It's definitely a different world now :slight_smile:

For the OP, I would suggest you find a supported router (Usually TP-Link has cheap and available ones). Setup one radio to connect to campus wifi, and then use a second radio (or virtual radio) as an Accesspoint for your other devices. Please make sure you secure the SSID, and also if you get caught doing this, the school will probably not be all that happy.

If you are at a dorm, you are probably better off checking to see if there is an Ethernet drop in your room, that way you can eliminate about 3/4 of the work required to make the repeater work.
In order to bypass the captive portal, you will probably have to use your computer, accept the terms, then clone the mac address onto your router so that the captive portal thinks it is your PC. That complicates stuff since the MAC address will now be duplicated. If you have an old phone or something, you can use it for this sole purpose (logging into the Captive Portal and then turn off the wifi).