Connecting to modem over PPPoA

Hi all, First post here...

So I have an ADSL modem/router device (linksys wag54gs) and I don't like it's outdated software.
I also have archer C7 v5 with latest OpenWRT installed. Is it possible to configure these two devices so that wag54gs acts like a 'transparent' modem ?

I know how to setup what seems to be called 'double NAT', where Archer is just plugged to wag54gs LAN socket. This gives me internet access, but I'd like to use OpenWRT's features directly (like port forwarding, static IPs and DDNS...).

From what I understand, I need to setup OpenWRT's WAN port to PPPoA (that's how I connect to my ADSL line) and modem in bridge mode - is that correct ?

I switched WAN interface to PPPoA but it won't allow me to commit because PPP-MOD-PPPoA package is not installed, and there is no such package available with opkg.
Please, give any tips.
Below are screenshots of OpenWRT and modem confiig pages.

That is not going to work, PPPoA will only work if the device terminating the ppp-tunnel uses an ATM interface (the A in PPPoA).

I'm not sure how your OpenWrt router would get it's address, but that seems like worth trying.

Use of tcpdump (from the tcpdump-mini package) might help if DHCP didn't assign an address to your WAN interface.

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To elaborate, my point, you will need to either terminate the ppp-tunnel on the modem using pppoa or you will need to use say pppoe and terminate the tunnel on the openwrt device.
Which ISP and country are we talking about here? At least in the UK, I believe, endusers can use either pppoa or pppoe and the head-end will automatically do the right thing.

Thanks for anwers !
ISP is Orange in Poland.
Is PPPoE possible if I connect through telephone line (RJ11) ?

According to you might have a chance with using PPPoE on the OpenWrt router, but that is not guranteed. (PPPoA has a tiny bit less per-packet-overhead than PPPoE, but overall you will very likely not even be able to measure that small difference easily). Unfortunaltelly google translate does not work with the website and the polish orange forums, so I can not find any more specific infornation and/or success stories of users switching to pppoe.

thanks for your time, moeller0
I'll have access to this modem next weekend and will try with PPPoE

Unfortunatelly I failed to setup this, and I ca't afford more time to try :confused:
I will try to buy a modem/router with more recent software.
Can anybody please recommend something which has:

  • DHCP that can assign addresses based on MAC
  • some up-to-date DDNS support (ie.
  • decent longtime support for software

thanks for any tips.