Connecting to Luci when configured as dumb ap

Hello I am new here and really enjoying OPENWRT and I think it is great and I just have a few questions is this the only way to connect to the router once DHCP has been disabled?:point_down:

I went about configuring my device to act as a dumb ap though I was unable to get it to work according to the online manual so I used the WAN and LAN bridged them through the WI-FI and completely disabled the DHCP it was working perfectly. I could see that my firewall was doing a great job working with OPENWRT after a reboot I noticed that I could no longer connect to the device. The device was working great except for that little problem. I tried a few things and I eventually reset my device.
The device I am using only has 2 ports a LAN, WAN and wireless it’s a Google Onhub TP Link Thank you in advance

The DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server instances (usually) must be disabled, you can configure your AP to be a DHCP client though (documentation often avoids this, as many users will then have problems to find/ identify their AP's IP).

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Thanks for the super fast reply. I went through and did the same thing over again except I made a static IP for my laptop and so far I have been able to login after a reboot with DHCP turned off. I made the static address because under interfaces-edit-DHCP Server-Advanced settings. There is a box called Dynamic DHCP and I was turning that off as well and below the checkbox it says: Dynamically allocate DHCP addresses for clients. If disabled only clients that have static leases will be served. I was not sure actually the effect of unchecking the box but either it was a coincidence or making a static address solved the problem. Thanks again.

If anyone has this problem you can prevent yourself from being locked out if you follow these steps. They worked for me

  1. Set a static IP for your computer inside Luci that you want to be able to access Luci.
  2. Set the same static IP address for your computer inside the DHCP server.
  3. When you connect to that LAN assign that same static address to your computer that you set inside Luci and the DHCP server
  4. Make sure that router IP is the address that you connected to when you turned DHCP off.

Following these steps I have been able to access Luci and I have DHCP turned off. And I am using OPENWRT as a Dumb AP.

So your non OpenWrt device had an incorrect setting and you weren't being assigned a valid IP address in the subnet?

OK, cool. Not sure how it's related to OpenWrt, but glad you got it working!

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I do have OPENWRT installed on the device. The problem I had was making it a dumb ap. As soon as I did that I was unable to log into the device. I will mark it solved sorry.

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