Connecting to LAN from Internet

I wish to host game server to play with friends, unfortunately official game servers are long gone, and best I can do is to host it over LAN. So to play we used Hamachi, ZeroTier or other VPN solution.

I'm looking for a way to play without using such a software. What would be the best way to realize it?

I was thinking on hosting my own OpenVPN server on my router AVM FRITZ!Box 4040, to create virtual lan, then using VPN and WAN Policy-Based Routing to only redirect packets from Game Server through this self hosted VPN. Then other players could connect to this VPN to play. Still I have no idea how feasible it is and if it's even right way to approach this problem.

So any ideas?


Hello @Rustbread, I think that maybe if you install OpenVPN Server on your router and your friends connect like client this can work.

I holpe this can help