Connecting to a Router After Factory Reset

I have snapshot OpenWRT firmware for tplink tl-wr902ac v4.

After factory reset, the radios seemed to be off. I couldn't find any Wifi for the router when I scanned.

I connected the OpenWRT router to another router, and got the assigned ip address for the OPENWrt router.

I tried to open web interface using the ip address on my browser, but no response.

I also tried to connect to the OpenWRT router using the ip address via ssh, but no response.

How do I access the router after factory reset? The router has one ethernet port for wan and 2 Wifi radios which seem to be off.

Is there a reason why OpenWRT disables Radio after factory reset? Is there a security reason? If not, it would be much more convenient to setup.


Wifi is always disabled, and if you have snapshot, you need to install LuCi.

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Snapshots do not have a web interface. You must use ssh.

Yes the radio is disabled for security reasons. There's no practical way to deploy per-unit individual passwords like factory firmware has. If OpenWrt started up with a standard default password the neighbors could take over your router before you have a chance to configure it.

On hardware with only one Ethernet port, the one port will default to be LAN and it will have a DHCP server. Do not connect it to another network, as having two DHCP servers will cause problems through the whole network. Connect the Ethernet port only to your PC.


How do I enable wireless and configure the only ethernet port to work as wan port, so I can plug it into a modem/router? Then I can connect to its wifi and install luci?
The unit has a mode switch for ap/client/router, but I don't think that works with the openwrt firmware.

I have same device tplink tl-wr902ac v4 and snapshot OpenWRT firmware it has some problem.
It works fine with stable release OpenWrt 23.05.3 and hardware version TP-Link TL-WR902AC v3
and you need install wifi drivers.


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use the firmware selector again, click the tiny arrow, and select request build.

DL the new sysupgrade image, transfer it to the 902, run sysupgrade via SSH.

the new image should include luci.

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OMG! Thanks so much!
Not only it had Luci, but I was able to add travelmate and luci-app-travelmate into the firmware.
Then I also added the following script to run on first boot.
uci set wireless.radio0.disabled='0'
uci commit wireless
wifi reload

I know this is not the secure way, but it let me configure the router right after flash without too much work!


just a note some devices have a radio toggle switch
and pushing this will enable the radios
sometimes I think maybe we should make the wps button
do the same while a password is not set

This might be useful in some cases, but it would lead to security problems, and I think that the developers would be reticent to do this. Specifically, in the current situation, yes, you can just enable the radio and go... but at that point, you are already most of the way towards the critical SSID name and encryption configuration pages, so it's relatively easy to encourage people to secure their wifi. However, if "just hit the WPS button to turn on wifi" becomes the standard, people may not enter the configuration page and could thus create a massive security vulnerability.

I could see an argument for a time limited actuation... sometimes people have only wifi devices and need to run through the initial configuration. A 5-minute wifi timeout, for example, might be perfect for someone to connect and configure their device. This still leaves open the possibility that a bad actor who is in wifi range could connect and take over the device, but with a very short time horizon, the chances would be somehwat reduced.

presumable when they set the password it stops being a wifi enable
I do like the idea of reverting to saved settings in 5 minute tho
they should have enabled the radios by then
but maybe a wizard will force you to add password , wifi passeord & ask to leave radios enabled or not

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