Connecting to a random wifi, set-up question?

Hi Everyone,

I have already done a first time set-up on my GLinet Mini Smart Router.

I need a VPN for my job.

I am travelling to Morrocco in a few weeks.

My question is, when I get to the place where I am staying will I have to get the LAN cable out to connect to the wifi there or can it be done wirelessly after the first time.

I don't want to have to ask where their router is as it looks strange I guess. Can you connect wirelessly after the first time. Didn't see an answer already on the forums.


I'm not sure what model the "mini smart" is.

Especially if it only has one radio, you will want the travelmate package to help control connections to hotel wifi. If you configure a connection and then move out of range of the AP, all of your APs also running on the same radio will stop working. The travelmate package is very useful in that situation since it will temporarily stop the client to let the AP work again.

Also you need to be familiar with stopping and starting the VPN because you may not be able to reach the hotel's login page while the VPN is trying to work. And of course the VPN won't work until you have logged into the hotel network to be allowed to reach the Internet.

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The latest travelmate version (2.0.9-2) does the VPN-handling automatically, too.